Sunday, January 4, 2009

June 15, 1919

Dear Johnie trusting this to find you well as this leaves us So. So I have receive yours safe and the ten Dol. My chief reason of writing you is concerning John. Now he has passed 6th std. and Mr Nicholls before he examined them called out whose name is to leave school. So John was one of the names. I don't know if you understand that after 14 years they have to leave school well Mr. Nicholls persuade them as they leave school to get to whatever trade they like. I think that is very good advice now you know John has told you long time ago that he don't like a trade. So I am asking you to try and get John out as quick as you can and again the governor here has said after a boy in these days is 15 years he can take his own manship upon him he need not say he is going to no Father to find him he said that because some out there was sending for their sons. 15 and 16 yrs the Consellor would not give them a pass and you may teach a child the fear and honour of god as much as you like in these days they are bent upon their own will and the boy children get with their comrads they teaches them every evil so try your best and get John out before he pick up too much I am not going to take him out of the School because he will get idle and lazy You will have to get a permit there and his ticket before he is fifteen The next thing he has to be Christened because the Profession he is choosing he have to got his Baptismal

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