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November 11, 1921

Note: I am trying to post letters, cards, etc. in date order. I realized after scanning this that the dates were D/M/Y on the letters, not M/D/Y. The order will clearly be imperfect, I will try my best.

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Ch. Ch

My Dear John,

Hope this will find you well. Before proceeding further I must ask you to forgive me in not writing before, because I could not do any better. You know after my examination passed I was longing to hear of the results and my mind was not settled, anyway I heard about it last (Sta) Saturday. I got through fairly well. I came first among the girls, but two boys are still aheard of me, and I have to try my best with them next year (DV). I have just to sit for my Certificate Exam in June and then I will be through Duncan and Edna also got through good, Dunc took the first place.

I know that you will be surprised to know that Claribel Sullivan (that) is going to teach at Miss Birch. She started from yesterday and wants to go for Certificate in June with me, as she is too old to go for Pupil Teacher's Exam.

I am always remembering you and your little Jokes (you know them) Out here is still very dull, there is on news to send & tell you. How are you getting on? I have heard that you are going to school, I hope that you will get through nicely and achieve what you desire.

Well, boy Christmas is on us again. It seems to me as if it has passed only a few weeks ago. Hope to hear from you before that time.

How is Etta. Give her my love. I haven't heard from her for quite a long time, and wondering to know what has happened. But you know the old saying "Sea-water cuts love." Perhaps that is the case with her. Tell her I ask her to write me, as she owes me a letter.

All the children join in sending their love. While I remain

Yours as ever


p.s. Write soon and excuse all of my mistakes as I am in a hurry

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